Bamboo Flooring

Written by Patricia Skinner
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As two products are referred to as bamboo flooring, let me state to begin with that the kind of bamboo flooring we're talking about here is bamboo wood flooring, and not the woven kind! Many people think that bamboo cannot possibly create the kind of floor they have in mind if they're lusting after hardwood. This is not true. It may surprise you to know that in fact, bamboo is stronger even than red oak, even though technically it's made from a grass and not true wood! Experts maintain though, that the rumors that bamboo is even stronger than hard maple are not accurate!

As well as looking absolutely stunning in just about any setting, bamboo flooring is a great choice economically and environmentally too. Bamboo is in plentiful supply in Asia; in fact in China it is referred to as bamboo sea! It grows so fast that it is easily self-sustaining, unlike any other choice of hardwood floor. So this is the perfect choice if you're looking for "green" flooring!

Different Species of Bamboo Flooring

There are many different species of bamboo, and some lend themselves better to flooring than others. In addition to different species of bamboo, you can buy bamboo flooring in different conditions, finished and pre-finished for example. It is naturally warm, golden beige in color, but can be stained darker. You can even get colored bamboo for a more coordinated design look.

Bamboo flooring comes pretreated to prevent damage from insects and mildew, so it is often more durable and environmentally resistant than wood. Bamboo is relatively easy to care for; the occasionally mopping with regular sweeping or vacuuming should do nicely. The different categories of bamboo flooring include natural bamboo and hardened bamboo.

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