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Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Pergo floors are found in kitchens, living and dining rooms, dens and bedrooms all over the world. Pergo floors look good, are easy to keep clean, and allow for an expensive look at a more affordable price than genuine hardwood floors. Many people also buy Pergo floors for mobile and vacation homes, for the very specific advantages Pergo floors have in these environments.

Pergo: Wall to Wall

Pergo floors are manufactured to last much longer than other floor coverings like carpet, vinyl or linoleum. Pergo floors have a typical life of 25 or more years. Though this is much less than the potential life of hardwood floors, which with proper care can last hundreds of years, Pergo floor coverings offer the beauty of hardwood floors for a fraction of the cost. For those interested in wood-look floors, but who aren't concerned about ultimate home value, Pergo floors offer great looks at a more affordable price.

Those fortunate enough to have summer vacation properties also often opt to buy Pergo floors. Their ease of maintenance is but one reason, making vacation housekeeping a breeze. All Pergo floors require very minimal care--typically a gentle sweeping and spot cleaning is all that's needed.

Another reason vacation property owners opt for Pergo is that what determines the "life" of a Pergo floor is the amount of wear it endures. By installing Pergo floors in areas that receive limited use, one is essentially extending the life of their floor accordingly. If the standard life of a Pergo floor is 25 years (based on wear), then in an area enjoyed only a quarter of the year, the life expectancy could feasibly extend to 80 years or more.

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