Floor Tiles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Floor tiles come in a bewildering array of materials, shapes, sizes, colors and qualities. Floor tiles can be stone, slate, marble, ceramic, wood, linoleum or even carpet. If you're looking for the glamour of marble, you should remember that the bigger a piece of marble is, the more expensive it is. Therefore, small marble tiles are going to be less expensive than larger ones. It's undeniable that the larger ones look nicer, but then again, cheaper is still an option!

Tiling is a very popular way to cover floors, walls and even counter tops. It's generally a very practical, durable, attractive and economical way to give your home the look you want. Wood floor tiles can look great and are fairly easy to lay on almost any surface that is pretty even. Wood tiles are more forgiving if their foundation rocks a little from time to time, so they may be a better option in old houses where the joists move.

Looking for Contemporary Floor Tiles?

If you are looking for floor tiles for a contemporary style home, you might want to consider a type of tile that has become very popular with modern home enthusiasts--satillo tile. However, experts say that satillo tiles are not particularly comfortable to walk on, so you might want to test drive them before you commit to them! There are many other types of tile that will go well with a modern decor scheme, but that are comfortable to walk on.

Although ceramic tiles for the floor are traditionally thought of as being for the kitchen or bathroom, they can be used to great effect anywhere in the house. They can be very colorful and stylish, or look remarkably like granite or marble. If you live in an area where moisture or flooding is a problem, ceramic tiles are an option that won't rot when it gets wet! Ceramic tiles do have to have stable foundations though, or they will crack and come loose.

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