Granite Tiles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For a combination of beauty and durability, granite tiles just can't be beat. Granite comes in a variety of beautiful colors, but perhaps the most precious of all is an even, luminous black. This can look extremely stylish in a number of settings. However, if black is not for you, you'll find that granite comes in many other stylish colors that could not be more elegant! Natural is certainly best!

Unlike marble, granite is not porous. So it is great for the kitchen. You can even chop on granite so granite tiles are perfect for any work surface, bathroom or heavy-duty floor. It will not break easily, and doesn't crack under normal circumstances. It is also unaffected by heat, also unlike marble. Make sure that you don't lay any kind of tiling on an uneven surface, or on wooden joists that will give! Granite is expensive, so protect your investment by making sure it's tiled by a craftsman who knows his business.

Types of Granite Tiles

Granite tiles come in several different thicknesses for different purposes. The thickness you choose will depend on where you're going to put it. Floor tiles can be the thinnest. Kitchen counters tend to be the thickest. But granite tiles can be used anywhere. They lend themselves particularly well to decorative effects for floors.

In fact granite tiles can be used for contrast with any type of marble. This way a great many beautiful effects can be achieved. Stonemasons make some really stunning designs for floors using a combination of granite tiles and other materials. But granite can be used for walls too. It's wonderful for walls as it can be highly polished. So highly polished in fact, that a wall of black granite can be almost mirror-like!

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