Install Laminate Floors

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are a host of reasons why people decide to install laminate floors in their home. To begin with, unsightly, uneven floor surfaces can ruin the look of your home. An attractive, sleek looking laminate floor can transform the view immediately, giving you a fresh, stylish base for the rest of your interior decor.

Some of us decide to install laminate floors because they are a great solution if you are running on a tight budget. Synthetic laminate floors can be far cheaper than just about any other alternative, and they look much more expensive. With some of the better quality synthetic laminates, it's hard to tell that you're not looking at good quality bamboo flooring, or even an engineered wood floor.

Noisy? Install Laminate Floors!

The other reason that homeowners install laminate floors will not occur to you unless you have a sound problem! Laminate floors can be a very effective soundproofing system too. Using perlite as a filler between the layers of your floating floor (the recommended way to install laminate floors), can further trap and absorb noise. If you have noisy neighbors, or troublesome kids, this could be a wonderful solution for you!

Of course, not all laminate floors are synthetic. Engineered wood floors are actually top-of-the-line floor coverings. You will find these floors in some of the most elegant floors in the land. Engineered wood floors are a floor covering of choice for many interior decorators who favor the modern and minimalist look. Their beauty is undeniable. But because they "give" due to the laminated wood layers, they last longer, and are very comfortable underfoot too.

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