Kronotex Flooring

Written by Patricia Skinner
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When you choose to lay laminate floors, make sure you get a quality brand such as Kronotex flooring. Kronotex is a German company that produces several lines of quality laminate flooring for use anywhere. Superior manufacturing means that Kronotex floors are hardwearing, durable, and scratch- and fade-proof.

Many Advantages to Kronotex Flooring

These are all excellent points by themselves for picking Kronotex flooring. But there's more. You will find it very comforting to know that Kronotex floors are cigarette proof and are classified as low-flammability material. If you worry about the safety of your family, you'll be comforted to know this!

Kronotex flooring, like all laminates, is easy to take care of. Kronotex floors are very low maintenance. With very little effort on your part they will keep their stylish good looks year after year. If you lay Kronotex with the recommended felt padding underneath, you won't even have to worry about marks from heavy furniture, as you do with carpet and some other materials.

For some of us, environmental factors figure large in the home decorating choices we make. We know that some plastics chemicals can be very damaging to our health. If you can identify with this, and have resisted the practicality of laminate flooring because you're worried about chemicals, you'll be thrilled to know that the Kronotex company manufactures without using PVC, PCBs or dioxins of any kind. This means that you can go ahead and lay Kronotex flooring without worrying that it may be damaging your or your family's health. That's true peace of mind!

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