Laminated Flooring

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For homeowners who want a stylish, yet practical answer to the question of what to put on the floors, laminated flooring can be a frugal solution to flooring problems. We all love the look of genuine hardwood floors, but apart from the fact that they're very expensive, who wants to be responsible for running those trees into extinction? Even if the wood you use comes from managed forests, there are still some serious questions whether using exotic hardwoods is a responsible option right now.

Environmentally Responsible Laminated Flooring

No such dilemmas with laminated flooring. It's produced from synthetic materials that are not on the verge of becoming extinct. But it has a number of other qualities that we're sure you'll be interested in. To begin with if taking care of hardwood to protect it from natural pests and rot and mold are daunting to you (as they are to most people), it will be refreshing to note that laminated floors need absolutely no pest control whatsoever.

Any bug taking a bite out of a laminated floor would have toothache indeed. Laminated flooring is just so easy to take care of, homeowners can't do anything but love it. A quick wipe over from time to time is all it needs. No oiling and no scrubbing are needed.

As well as being very cheap to buy, especially when compared with any kind of solid wood, laminated floors are much quicker and cheaper to install too. In fact, for someone with a power saw, or jig saw, an average sized room can be covered with laminated flooring in less than a day. Installing a laminated floor does take a little experience though. If you've never done it before, do enlist the help of a professional, or at least an experienced amateur.

There are different kinds of laminated flooring design. Some laminates slot together, like tongue and groove, and others need to be glued in place. Consumers seem to prefer the glue-less laminate options, saying that they last better and are much easier to install. Eliminating the chemicals and smell that come with commercial adhesives would be a definite plus in my book.

Laminated Flooring and Compromise

When you pick laminated flooring you can enjoy the choice of every exotic hardwood floor effect that every existed, and a lot more besides. You won't ever find that what you've chosen is unavailable. Or that its unsuitable for your needs for some reason! Just in case you're undecided because you really can tell the difference between laminate and wood, take a look at some of the new types of laminated flooring that make use of veneers of real hardwoods on top of a laminated fabric.

This can be a happy compromise between wood and totally synthetic laminates. Then again, if nothing but the real thing will do for you, an engineered hardwood floor that's made up of laminated layers of real hardwood might be the answer. Engineered hardwood floors are not cheap. But they do look beautiful. They are also harder wearing and longer lasting that solid hardwood because they "give" slightly and are therefore less prone to shock damage.

Laminated flooring comes in an overwhelming array of colors. You'll be absolutely spoiled for choice. Of course, like anything else, there are names that you should look for in laminated floors. They include Kronotex, Pergo, Wilsonart, Uniclic, Mannington and Formica.

Durability is the name of the game with flooring laminates. They are virtually indestructible. This is just one of the important considerations that is making so many people turn to the possibilities of laminates instead of real wood. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can install a beautiful, stylish floor with laminated products. It is truly gratifying.

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