Marble Tiles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're planning on going for the grand look by laying marble tiles in your home, the very last thing you should do is go out and buy them right off the bat. You may well see lots of different types of marble that you love, and colors that will go just right in your home. But with marble, quality is of prime importance, and it's easy to get taken for a ride if you don't know what to look for.

To begin with, expect some variation in veining and color when you buy marble tiles. This does not indicate substandard marble. Although it is your right to keep looking for tiles that are as evenly colored as possible, realize that this is a natural product and is sure to reflect slight variations in tone. This variation in tone is such a characteristic of marble that tile companies go to great lengths to produce ceramic faux marble tiles that reflect tone variation.

Adding a Medallion to Your Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are very elegant for entrance halls and formal salons. If you fancy a decorative medallion, you can usually find them offered by the same dealer you get your tiles from. Marble can add a very rich look to your private master bathroom. Or, you can add elegance to your fireplaces by replacing them with marble surrounds.

Laying your marble properly is of prime importance. It would be a tragedy indeed to spend all that money of finding and buying marble tiles, if you then go and hire an amateur to lay them. Ask to see your tiler's license, and make sure you see some photos of previous work. Having taken every precaution to get the best tiler available, make sure you watch him as he begins your project. If the first section of tiling is not even, get someone else quickly.

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