Pergo Laminate Floors

Written by Patricia Skinner
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You don't have to look far to see why so many people choose Pergo laminate floors! The sheer choice is enough to please even the most demanding home decorator. Choice is important nowadays. It's a privilege we've grown to expect for ourselves and our homes. Quality and choice are top of everyone's shopping list.

Pergo laminate floors don't just look pretty though. They're tough! Pergo actually invented the process of laminating three synthetic layers together to produce a product that's absolutely top of its class in every way. It's water resistant, wear resistant and scratch resistant. Of course, there is no surface that's totally wear-proof! Even granite can be scratched given the right circumstances! But if you get a Pergo floor you can be reasonably sure that many years from now, you will still be able to look at your flooring and feel pleased with it!

Moisture is No Problem for Pergo Laminate Floors

All layers of Pergo laminate floors are water resistant. This means they won't absorb moisture. So you won't find that if they're exposed to damp or wet that they start to look funny, or even worse, smell funny! You can be confident that no matter what you or your family, or the weather, throws at your Pergo floor it will stay looking great!

In case you're looking for something stylish for your wet basement that's flooded every-now-and-then, you'd be right in thinking that you've found the perfect choice with Pergo! It won't fold the first time the weather gets bad! One of the most difficult areas in the whole house to buy flooring for is the basement, usually because of moisture, but also because this is one area of the house where a lot of activities go on! Pergo will shrug it all off!

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Somehow, the Pergo floor in our basement had a little bump because of moisture (I'm guessing!) and it started to get bigger and bigger. The theories are:

1) The Pergo wasn't installed properly.
2) Pergo wasn't MADE properly.
3) Last homeowners were careless when choosing pergo because it was reasonably cheap.

Hypothesis: Good luck everyone that has Pergo flooring in their basement!