Pergo Stones

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Pergo laminate stone tiles are another option made by this very popular flooring company. As with their other laminate options, Pergo affixes a high quality photograph of actual stone to extremely sturdy backing material, and then finishes it with a patented, super-durable clear finish. They top it off with a realistic texture, and voila, laminate stone tile flooring, offering the good looks of stone, with plenty of advantages the real stuff just can't offer.

Advantages of Pergo Tiles Vs. Genuine Stone

Though there are plenty of purists out there who feel if they want to look at stone in their kitchen, then stone is what they'll buy. But they'll also have cold feet in the winter, bruised baby knees, and unless they never drop a dish, plenty of chances to admire their stone up close as they search for little pieces of glass and ceramic. Real tile floors are real cold, and real hard.

Laminate tiles, on the other hand, offer the look of stone, plus perks. Because they are actually wood products, they are much warmer to the touch, and have a softer cushion underfoot. That softer cushion, too, offers a little bounce which can help prevent breaks when spills happen.

However, unlike Pergo's wood laminate flooring, which can be installed via tongue/groove "clicking," even laminate tiles are still tiles. Therefore, they have to be installed with glue. However, unlike many actual tile companies, provided you perform the installation correctly, Pergo stone tiles are protected by a 25 year wall-to-wall warranty against staining and wear-through.

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