Pergo Tiles

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Long known for their myriad wood laminate designs, Pergo has moved into laminate flooring images that now include stone and marble tile. Many architects and designer organizations have lauded Pergo floors as being ideal flooring options for kitchens. And now with their marble and tile offerings, one's kitchen design choices are now virtually limitless.

As with their wood laminates, Pergo uses high quality photographs of actual stone and tiles, over which is laid a highly durable finish. One of the complaints of wood laminate flooring, in general, is that after enough observation, the repeated patterns of the same photograph become apparent. Because stones and tiles in their natural form are not necessarily as distinctive as planks of hardwoods, laminate stone and marble tile floors can often look more "real".

Pergo Tiles Forgive Messy Guests

Another enormous advantage laminate stone and tile flooring has over authentic stone is its resistance to staining. Genuine marble and tile flooring is quite porous, meaning, should a party guest should spill a glass of red wine, chances are quite high that permanent staining could result. Not so with laminate flooring, which has a hard seal which protects against such damage.

Plus, laminate tile and stone floors are considerably "softer" underfoot that actual stones and tile flooring options. This makes for softer footfalls, and softer baby falls, around the kitchen table. Laminate tiles, too, are much warmer against bare feet on chilly mornings than beautiful, but cold, Spanish tiles.

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Tiles can make your house more beautiful if you select the right tiles design for the home, I would prefer natural stone for my house. They are easy to maintain and looks great beacause of the natural look.


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