Stone Tiles

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Stone tiles are actually made of stone aggregate, which may be suspended in a polymer binder or some other binding material. There are countless different kinds of such tiles, including terrazzo tiles which are often made of chips of marble or granite in concrete. Some kinds of stone that may be used to make these aggregate tiles are known to us by other names.

For example, limestone is known as marble to many of us. Travertine and slate are yet other types of stone. Stone can be used for many purposes around the house, such as floor tiles, fireplace surrounds, counter tops, and columns. Aggregate tiles can be used for all these purposes too, but are mainly used for floors.

In many places in the world, limestone is the material of choice for both inside and outside wall decoration. Most of the castles in the world are built from limestone. Stone mellows well with age, so it is always a beautiful choice. It's porous though, to varying degrees, so it needs to be protected from any substance that might impart color.

Stone Tiles add Character

Stone tiles are a great choice for giving character and atmosphere to interiors, whether you use it on the floors, walls, or on counters for example. You can even use stone as a backsplash in the kitchen. Stone tiles can be used to great effect as part of a design along with marble and granite too. However, it can be cold, so is not really suitable for family areas, especially if small children are part of the household. Stone tiles are particularly fashionable for use on the floor and walls in kitchens right now.

If you're thinking of laying stone tiles you need to make sure that the foundation is absolutely rock solid. Movement can cause cracking and unevenness. If you are using stone tiles for walls, these must be structurally stable too. You generally should plan to use Portland cement paste as an adhesive and grouting for stone tiles of all kinds.

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