Types Of Laminate Flooring

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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If you're considering laminate flooring, then you should be aware of the different types that are available. Beyond brand name, there are two different manufacturing processes, each of which has advantages over the other. There are also laminate flooring options which require different kinds of installation. Then, of course, there are quality differences, in terms of good, better and best.

First, laminate floors are made either via high pressure (HPL), or direct pressure (DL). HPL is created in a two step process, whereas DL presses all the layers together at once. DL is thinner, which is helpful if you've got door-clearance issues, or are installing in a room which abuts another with a vinyl or carpeted floor. High pressure laminate, which is thicker, makes for a more problematic transition from a vinyl or carpeted room. However, this thickness makes it more durable and therefore a better flooring option for some homes.

Most laminate flooring options come in two styles of installation: They can be either "clicked" together, or glued. Today, many of the most popular styles feature the "clicking" method, which is considerably easier, and much less messy, than the glue options. However, some purists prefer the second option because of the superior seal between planks.

Laminate Flooring: Good, Better, Best

Finally, good, better and best. Most laminate floor manufacturers have clearly delineated categories of their products, with plenty of useful information about why one product is considered better than another. However, when dealing with a well-reputed company such as Pergo, even their merely "good" products are backed up with excellent warranties, and are superior products to many other flooring options.

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