Written by Patricia Skinner
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If using quick-to-lay laminated flooring sounds like a good option to you, you'll probably love Uniclic. Many of us pick laminated flooring in the belief that it will be cheap and quick and easy to lay. Unfortunately, the truth is that any laminate floor, including Uniclic, is probably only going to look as good as the craftsman that lays it!

Benefits of Uniclic

People who have used Uniclic say that it's definitely more forgiving than other, slightly more expensive brands of laminate flooring, so the extra expense is probably worth it. Some good points are that it is thicker and therefore less flimsy than many other brands of laminate flooring. In addition, it is a remarkable fact that the boards are easier to fit together than with some other systems. Although it is easy, you still need experience with power tools, and preferably access to a jigsaw and miter saw.

Uniclic laminate flooring requires an underlay, which is usually foil-backed foam. You may need a different type of underlay if your room has any damp problems. If damp is a problem, do consult an expert before going ahead and laying your laminate flooring as mistakes are difficult and a lot more expensive to put right after you've laid the floor!

In general, you can figure on finishing your Uniclic floor in less than a day for most average sized rooms if you are using power tools. If you use a hand saw it will probably take longer. For those who have absolutely no experience of laying laminate floors, it might be advisable to get some help either from a professional or an experienced amateur. If you're considering laminate flooring, do take a look at Uniclic because it gives you good looks and ease of installment for only a fraction more than less attractive makes of laminate flooring.

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