Accent Lighting

Written by Serena Berger
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Accent lighting can be used to enhance the decorative scheme of any room. The idea with accent lighting is to illuminate something particular within the room, such as an art print or an architectural feature. It can also be used to complement a primary lighting fixture such as a chandelier.

Types of Accent Lighting

There are many different types of accent lighting. The most popular are recessed and track lighting. These are typically used to put a spotlight on artwork. Small halogen lights can be set on a track in the ceiling or hidden in the structure of the room, and angled to light prints or posters without glare.

Wall lighting can be used to match hanging or standing lighting. There are lovely wall brackets and sconces which look like lanterns, or candelabras, as well as numerous designers' exclusives. If you have a cabinet or bookcase, two matching wall fixtures on either side will illuminate and draw attention to it.

Many people also like to put accent lighting in their kitchens, closets, pantries, or garages in order to illuminate spaces which do not receive sufficient light from a primary light source. Whether this lights up shelves that are particularly high or low, or throws light onto your hidden corners, accent lighting can make such spaces safer and more fully usable. The Internet should give you a number of useful tips for finding and installing the perfect accent lighting for your space.

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