Antler Lighting

Written by David Somerfleck
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The décor of many cabins is centered on a hunting theme because the properties are often used as hunting retreats. Hunters proudly display their trophies and kill throughout the cabin, keeping many a mountain taxidermist in business! There are a number of ways to incorporate a hunting theme in a cabin. You can mount deer heads on the wall, integrate camouflage fabric into the décor or display artwork depicting hunting scenes to evoke a sense of sport and pride in the cabin.

There are also options for people who do not wish to include animal heads and gun racks in their home but are still looking for that mountain influence. Another popular way to add a touch of rustic hunting décor to a home or cabin is through the use of antler lighting.

One-of-a-Kind Lighting

The most common types of antler lighting found in homes and cabins are lamps and chandeliers, though antlers can also be used to make wall sconces and other small fixtures. Each product is hand-crafted guaranteeing that the piece you select is unique. There is a wide range of styles available ranging from 12 light chandeliers crafted from elk antlers to a small table lamp made from mule deer antlers.

In addition to homes and cabins, antler lighting is also popular in ski lodges and rustic saloons. The lights are typically crafted using actual deer or moose antlers, though some manufacturers construct the lamps and chandeliers using cast resin formed in the shape of antlers and hand-painted to match the real thing. Lighting fixtures made with faux antlers are often less expensive than those made with actual antlers.

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