Aspen Furniture

Written by David Somerfleck
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There are three types of wood typically used in crafting log furniture--aspen, skip peeled and turned lodge pole. Furniture built from aspen wood has a knotted and knobby look while maintaining a smooth texture. Aspen logs are typically harvested once the tree is dead, but still standing. Harvesting dead trees aids in fire control and also creates areas for new growth timber.

Aspen furniture is popular for its artistic qualities. The wood used in construction has natural gnarls, knots and patterns that contribute to the uniqueness of each piece. Woodworkers typically strive to preserve and highlight the natural characteristics of the wood while making furniture and accent pieces out of aspen.

Bedroom Furniture

Adding aspen furniture pieces can give any bedroom that warm and cozy rustic feeling. Whether you are decorating your mountain cabin or furnishing your apartment in the city, aspen beds, night stands and armoires are a wonderful addition. In the mountains, the incorporation of aspen furniture brings the outdoors indoors and in the city it creates a mountain bedroom that provides an inviting getaway from busy city life.

Furniture Throughout the Home

Trying to add a rustic look to your home? There are a number of different items available for the home that will serve to bring nature indoors. Dress up your kitchen with aspen bar stools, give your living room a unique touch with a custom-made aspen coffee table or serve family dinners on a rustic dining room table complete with a set of aspen log chairs. Other popular aspen pieces include deck furniture, bookcases, office desks and coat racks.

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