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Aspen Log Bed

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Remember That Aspen Log Bed?

The Aspen log bed in your honeymoon suite is hard forgotten. Your escape to the Canadian mountains wasn't your husband's first choice, but has since inspired the outdoorsman in him. You're looking to surprise him on a little home redecorating, and your mountain side paradise is the inspiration.

Changing your stale bedroom into a rustic, romantic retreat is no easy task. In addition to painting over pink walls and re-carpeting the room, you'll need to replace the furniture. Finding a bedroom set similar to the one in Canada will be the toughest challenge yet, or so you thought.

Where to Shop

After all, how are you going to find an Aspen log bed in the middle New York City? Well before you succumb to traditional furniture stores and their line of rustic furniture; consider checking out a few other places. The internet can be more helpful than you think when it comes to redecorating on a budget.

By utilizing the web, you can access dozens of log furniture vendors from the comfort of your home. You'll find a carbon copy of your honeymoon log bed in addition to many other rustic accessories. Side tables, night stands and a pine armoire are some of the other options you can purchase through internet manufacturers.

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