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Aspen Log Furniture

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Aspen log furniture differs from most other types of wood furniture in the fact that the wood is preserved in its every day state. Rather than shaping the wood in commercial shapes to be used in mass furniture production, this wood is literally plucked out of nature and used in its natural form to serve as furniture. For those of you interested in bringing true nature into your home, Aspen furniture is the road to take.

Aspen Log Furniture Bed

In the case of an Aspen log bed, the four posts of the bed are logs of wood. They have not been sanded down or re-shaped in any way. The knots of the wood in addition to the bumps and curves give this furniture an even more rustic feel.

Aspen log furniture is perfect for cabin-style life. If you are looking to decorate your existing mountain home with new furniture without sacrificing the authentic natural decor, begin your search with Aspen furniture. In addition to the visual benefits of Aspen, we should also mention the amazing durability that comes with it.

Hand-Pick by Experts

This furniture is custom-built, using only the sturdiest of Aspen trees. Each component of an Aspen log bed is hand picked by experienced craftsmen. The construction is air-tight, giving you not only comfort and beauty, but unparalleled support.

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