Baby Cradles

Written by Sierra Rein
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Baby cradles are timeless pieces of baby furniture designed to gently rock babies from side to side. They are built to give tired parents a break and to allow siblings and other relatives the ability to put the new addition to sleep. They are also excellent choices for disabled parents who may need help in rocking their children to sleep.

Old-fashioned baby cradles feature a bassinet perched atop two sturdy rocking legs. A few more modern designs have the legs firmly on the ground with hinges located at the foot and headboards. Another style involves a gliding mechanism that gently pushes the bassinet backwards and forwards through the horizontal plane.

Most baby cradles are made of durable yet soft wood covered by a non-toxic finish. They can be purchased in classic antique and simple modern styles. One can even find double wide baby cradles for twins. Some multi-functional cradles also transform into stationary cribs or play pens when the baby becomes too old for rocking and needs extra space.

Use Discretion When Choosing Between Baby Cradles

When it comes to safety, the same standards that apply to baby cribs must also apply to baby cradles. The space between the slats in cradles should be placed no more than 60 mm apart and the mattress must completely cover all openings. Because baby cradles usually have more than a few moving parts, they must be analyzed, tested for strength, and maintained throughout the year.

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