Bar Furniture

Written by Serena Berger
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Bar furniture can be some of the most creative in your home. While it is possible to get a very traditional mahogany bar and make it a simple addition to your den, it is also possible to be quite innovative and develop an impressive home bar. There are a number of ways to do this.

Components of Bar Furniture

In addition to the bar itself, you may want to look for bar stools. These can match the bar or be selected independently. They can also be paired with pub tables--high, small tables that just fit a couple of drinks--if you want to extend the bar into your room or outdoors.

Pub tables and chairs often make a lovely addition to a patio. Outdoor entertaining can be ideal in the spring or summer, and if you have a pool, people might particularly enjoy drinks at bar furniture around the pool. Lighter woods, retro metal looks, and wicker are ideal for outdoor serving.

There are also smaller pieces of bar furniture. A bar trolley is a two-tiered table/cart which can be moved into any space, often on wheels. On the bottom tier, you can put bottles or empty glasses, while the top can be used to mix or serve drinks.

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