Bar Stools

Written by Serena Berger
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Bar stools are an integral part of the ideal home bar set-up. Not only do they look great with a bar, they take up less space than other chairs, which makes them ideal for entertaining. They also complete the real feeling of a space that's meant just for entertaining and relaxing.

Most bars have bar stools designed to match the bar itself of pub tables. In the case of a set, there will probably only be a couple of precise matching options--differing only by height and width of the seat. Typically seats come in 24 and 30 inch heights.

Types of Bar Stools

You will also have to choose between three basic styles of stools. Swivel stools have no back and rotate 360 degrees. There are also plain round stools, and then square or round stools with backs, both of which do not swivel.

You may want to consider whether you will ever move your bar stool outside. Outdoor entertaining is a lot of fun, and bar stools are a perfect addition to a patio party. If you will be bringing your bar stool outside, however, that will influence what materials you consider.

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