Barcelona Daybeds

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Among the many pieces of the Barcelona collection by L.M. van der Rohe, Barcelona daybeds are one of the most popular pieces of furniture. The complete set of the Barcelona series includes a chair, an ottoman, the daybed, and a few tables. A Barcelona dining chair, which features armrests and a cantilever design, is also available.

Barcelona daybeds are similar to the Barcelona benches and the other furniture in the Barcelona series. They feature slim steel legs that gracefully support a sturdy walnut frame. On the frame, the instantly recognizable pattern of leather squares, characteristic of the Barcelona series, sits, creating an inviting space to sit, recline, or relax. On one end of the daybed is a cylindrical leather pillow that attaches to the frame by a leather strap.

History of the Barcelona Daybeds

The Barcelona daybeds were designed with the chairs, benches, and ottomans for the German Pavilion of the World Exposition in 1929. The Pavilion, which was also crafted by Mies van der Rohe, was designed to temporarily house the King and Queen of Spain. This led Mies van der Rohe to envision the furniture, especially the Barcelona chair, as a modern throne, ultimately leading to its rich look and luxurious finish.

Though the chair and daybeds were initially introduced at the Exposition, they received a tremendous boom in popularity though the efforts of Knoll Furniture, which was the first company to mass-produce the series. Knoll brought the design to America for use in many corporate and private buildings, including some American design landmarks such as Mies van der Rohe's later buildings.

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