Brass Sculptures

Written by Serena Berger
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Brass sculptures can be a perfect addition to your home, particularly in your garden. If you're thinking that brass sculptures are large, shiny, golden-brassy things that look like replicas of museum pieces, then you definitely haven't looked at some of the subtler pieces available. There are brass sculptures that are charming, and small, so that you can place them in a garden and they will be like a hidden surprise as someone looks around.

The Colors of Brass Sculptures

Brass sculptures are often designed for the outdoors with a patina suited to the environment. Verdigris is a muted blue-green-gray color that blends in nicely with both foliage and stone, making that patina highly desirable. Bronzing is also used if the golden color is desired, but the tone is slightly more elegant--glowing, but muted.

Brass sculptures can be small objects--animal sculptures, in particular, are popular. They also make beautiful fountains, which can be the centerpiece of your garden. Frequently, brass sculptures are made as copies of masterworks by famous artists who worked in metals.

Besides being standing pieces, brass sculptures can also be hanging works of art. Additionally, they can be functional furniture pieces. For example, a brass sculpture can form the base, and then a glass surface can be placed atop it to form a patio table.

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