Bunk Beds With Slides

Written by Sierra Rein
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Some bunk beds are more than just two stacked beds and a ladder. A few are also designed to have built-in slides. These make getting up in the morning fun for the upper-bunk child, and can provide some great playtime exercise during the day for everyone in the room.

Most bunk beds with slides are meant for children, and can be found in a vast array of colors, non-toxic finishes, and styles. Some are so elaborate as to mimic tents, castles, space ships, and other playful images. One can find double-occupancy bunk beds with twin mattresses, as well as loft beds with dresser drawers and special shelving areas built underneath the slide area.

When purchasing bunk beds with slides, it is a good idea to measure the size of the room. Most times, the slide is built to be at a safe and secure angle from the floor. Placed in a large room, the slide bunk bed can be easily avoided. However, when placed in a small room, the slide can suddenly become a tripping hazard and may cause the child to fall against a wall or other piece of furniture on his way down.

Safety First When Purchasing Bunk Beds with Slides

Of course, the design and sturdiness of the bunk bed should be of the utmost importance. Make sure once you get the bed that all the joints and parts are properly tightened. If the bed is purchased in pieces, double-check all screws throughout the process, and add extra glue if you feel more stability is needed. Never place a young child on the top bunk if you feel the bed is unsafe in any way, and return the bed if you suspect any faulty design.

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