Canopy Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Canopy beds are featured in the dream bedrooms of countless little girls. They are also featured in the elegant, romantic bedrooms envisioned by countless women. Very few furniture pieces are as interwoven with a sense of fantasy as canopy beds, and the number of styles reflects the nature of those countless fantasies.

For many little girls, canopies are what the princesses of fairy tales sleep under. Canopy beds can be made in wood (painted white), wicker, or a pale wood such as pine, and the fabric of the comforter and canopy can be gauzy and light. A canopy bed becomes a place for dreams, a private, hidden wonderland.

Canopy beds can also be quite stately, elegant, and sophisticated. A design in mahogany or another dark wood, with more substantial frame and posts can be the base for a truly regal bed. Add a richly colored heavy fabric, and this is a bed that both the lady and the gentleman of the house will want to retire to.

Exotic Canopy Beds

While the fairy tale canopy and the sophisticated-stately canopy are the most popular canopies, they are by no means the only ones. Mosquito netting is often used to give an airy, exotic feel to a canopy bed, and sometimes a very simple rectangular frame of metal or wood is used to hang curtains all the way around the bed. Canopy beds are all about the imagination, so with a little help from the Internet, let your imagination free to find your dream bed.

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