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Canopy Log Bed

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Retreat of Your Own

A canopy log bed awaits you. I'm not talking about a trip to the mountains that will cost thousands of dollars. You can experience the same comfort and relaxation by only entering your bedroom.

What if I told you we could combine luxury and ruggedness into one amazing bed? Canopy beds are famous for the romantic element they bring to the bedroom. Draped in the right fabrics you may feel as though you've been whisked away into seclusion from the rest of the every day world.

Compromise with a Canopy Log Bed

If your husband doesn't like the femininity of being covered in flowers and lace each night, this is the perfect compromise. A canopy log bed provides a romantic, yet rugged sanctuary for resting. While the strong logs of wood appeal to him, you can appreciate the fine fabrics and craftsmanship the bed offers.

To view additional pictures of a log canopy bed, simply click on the link above. Many custom-built projects are on display to give you ideas about your own investment. If you don't see something you like, have your bed custom ordered to your specifications.

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