Cedar Beds

Written by Serena Berger
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Cedar beds can enhance a warm and comfortable decorative scheme. Cedar is a strong and durable wood that makes beautiful and lasting furniture in many styles. Many furniture designers use cedar for their outdoor furniture--patio swings and chairs, picnic tables, and the like--but in the hands of a talented and creative furniture craftsman, cedar can make lovely indoor pieces as well.

It would be fair to say that most indoor cedar furniture preserves a rustic, natural look and feel. If it were highly polished and finished and made to look like oak or mahogany, that would deny this beautiful wood the chance to shine in its own way. Often a clear finish is used just to give the wood a layer of protection from whatever might accidentally be spilled on it or done to it, but the natural color of the wood is a warm cinnamon which ages to a silvery gray, both of which are uniquely beautiful and need no adornment.

Beautiful and Durable Cedar Beds

Cedar beds will benefit from the strength and durability of cedar. If you settle into a downy mattress on a cedar bed on a cold night, you will feel safe, snug, and surrounded. If you have pets, even large dogs, who want to jump on the bed with you (or children who jump on the bed), cedar beds are forgiving, and you won't have to worry about the weight or the movement.

You can find a cedar bed with a simple headboard and footboard, or one with a more adventurous and stylized frame. If you really want a canopy bed, you can find a beautiful example in cedar. If you want your bedroom to be particularly rustic and homey, you can get a cedar canopy bed and complement it with an antique quilt or corduroy patchwork blanket for a delightful bed where you'll be happy to cuddle, read, and of course, snuggle in to sleep.

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