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Cedar Log Bed

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A cedar log bed may be a significant investment up front, but it will last a lifetime. How often do you currently replace your bedroom furniture? If you're like me you may get tired of purchasing trendy sets that seem outdated after a few years. Finding timeless furniture to decorate your home with can be difficult.

A Classic Cedar Log Bed

What could be more timeless than natural wood? A cedar log bed is the perfect solution to avoiding furniture trends. Rather than replacing the furniture you'll need only replace the bedding every few years to keep up with trend-setters.

These rustic log beds are built with the finest hand-picked logs. With precise sanding and finishing techniques, each piece is flawless. The durability and strength of natural log furniture is incomparable to any furniture you'll find in a traditional store.

For Your Information

As the wood ages it releases moisture. This process is known as "checking" and only contributes to the natural beauty of the wood. No maintenance is required to keep your investment looking flawless and new.

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