Cedar Swings

Written by Serena Berger
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Cedar swings are a wonderful addition to a porch, patio, or lawn. You can find incredibly comfortable swings made of this versatile wood, curved to fit your body perfectly so that you can relax and enjoy a summer night or a long lazy weekend afternoon outdoors. In fact, you can find cedar swings that are as comfortable as the world famous Adirondack chairs, and have the added benefit of swinging, which children and adults alike enjoy.

You can get cedar swings which are free standing, or swings that can be hung from a strong tree branch or sturdy beams. Most people choose the former, simply because you are assured greater safety and have more flexibility in placing your swing. If you are considering hanging a swing from the ceiling, be particularly mindful of the weight limits and placement, as costly damage can be done to your home, and you risk personal injury as well.

You might also look at gliders when you're looking at swings. If you don't want the large apparatus that supports a free standing swing, a glider won't have so much of an obvious frame. You get the soothing motion of a swing, but the bench is mounted on a gliding mechanism underneath that lets you push with your feet on the ground while you're sitting, and from a distance, it looks like you just have a bench on a platform as opposed to an ornate jungle gym in your back yard.

The Benefits of Cedar Swings

Most outdoor furniture designers favor cedar as a material for a number of reasons. First, it is highly durable and flexible. Also, it is one of the few materials that does not get painfully hot in the sun, which anyone who has outdoor furniture will tell you is a major concern. Cedar also has natural oils in the wood that function as a repellent for some of the bugs that can pester you when you're trying to relax outside, which is a wonderful added bonus to using cedar furniture on your patio or lawn.

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