Cocktail Tables

Written by Serena Berger
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Cocktail tables, for the most part, are another name for what many people know as coffee tables. These are usually low, long tables that go in a room with a sofa and chairs, and are centered between these seating elements to provide a space to put down drinks or anything else you may have. Because of their prominent place in the room, however, it is important to find a cocktail table that you feel suits your style and enhances the room.

Cocktail tables come in a myriad of styles. Some are quite simple--just the flat surface and legs in whatever material complements your room. This could be any kind of wood, particle board, or metal.

Conversation Piece Cocktail Tables

Of course, a cocktail table can also be a lot more exciting. Glass cocktail tables are very popular, and those usually have interesting designs in their legs--wrought iron or other metals. There are also apothecary cocktail tables, with many small drawers, and cocktail tables with a shelf underneath, for storing things you may need when you serve, or for displaying decorative pieces, books, or magazines.

Cocktail tables can be truly unique furniture items that become valuable heirloom pieces. They can also be casual pieces that you won't have to worry about asking people to keep their feet off of, since for many, this seems to be a rather strong compulsion. At either extreme, or anything in between, a search on the Internet should lead you to something lovely, functional, and affordable.

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