Computer Armoires

Written by Sierra Rein
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An armoire is a large, often complex cabinet or wardrobe. A computer armoire is any similar cabinet designed to store and display computer parts and accessories. They are meant to give any office or home business a more stylish look, and are usually built with closing and locking doors to hide away their contents from outside view.

Most computer armoires are made of high quality wood treated with veneer stains and finishes. They are often decorated with glass and wood doors and can feature brass hardware. Some even have lights built into the interior to instantly create a visible workspace area. However, they usually offer ample desk space for table lamps and other functional lighting fixtures as well.

Before purchasing a computer armoire, it is important to take into account all existing computer parts. Measure the heights, widths, and depths of the computer monitor, printer, and CPU, and calculate how much desk area will be used up by accessories, mugs, pencil holders, and photograph frames.

Where to Place Computer Armoires in the Room

A computer armoire must be properly placed near a power outlet or an extended, multi-plug power strip, especially if a lot of computer parts are going to need a source of energy. Most computer-based armoires have built-in holes through which to snake power chords, phone lines, and DSL connectors. The best armoires are built with what is called the RTA construction method, meaning their parts are fitted in a way that they can be easily replaced if any of them become damaged.

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