Contemporary Home Accessories

Written by Charles Peacock
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Contemporary home accessories are the final piece of the home design puzzle. Once you've got your walls painted and your furniture in place, the last step to making your home feel truly cozy is filling every little corner with just the right accessories and pieces of art.

Types of Contemporary Home Accessories

Contemporary home accessories include everything from clocks to art objects to functional accessories for the kitchen, bathroom or office. The best contemporary home accessories in my mind are those that combine creative, original styling with some sort of functionality. For instance, I recently spoke with a friend who creates bowls (for fruit, flowers, or anything else) made out of re-shaped vinyl records!

One of the most important rooms for accessories is always the home office. This is the room where you do most of your work, so you need things like paper holders, desk calendars, waste baskets, and staplers. In recent years, artisans have begun catering to the needs of those of us who work from home, and it's now possible to accessorize your home office with some great, inspiring, colorful objects.

While home accessories add a touch of personality to any room, nowhere are they more important stylistically than the main living room. Since the living room is normally the centerpiece of the house and doesn't have a function other than hanging out and entertaining, it doesn't benefit from room-specific accessories like kitchen, office, or bathroom accessories. You typically fill your living room with less utile (but more stylish) accessories like paintings, mirrors, and art objects that can be placed on shelves and tables.

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