Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Written by Sarah Provost
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If you're looking for contemporary living room furniture, rejoice in the incredible number of choices available to you. There are authentic classic designer pieces, reproductions of excellent quality and new designs by the hundreds. Whether your taste runs to sleek minimalist style or a witty neo-Victorian, you can find what you're looking for online.

New Trends in Contemporary Living Room Furniture

One of the most interesting of the new trends in contemporary living room furniture is the style known as neo-Victorian. Like traditional Victorian pieces, neo-Victorian furniture has curvy lines and plush fabric upholstery. The curves, however, are often asymmetrical, and the fabrics are available in colors your grandmother never could have imagined.

Another trend in contemporary living room furniture brings you high quality reproductions of pieces by modernist and Atomic Age designers. For decades, furniture in the styles pioneered in the 1940s through the early '60s could be found mostly as kitschy relics in thrift stores. Now, however, the pendulum of style has swung, and reproductions of designs by Eames, Noguchi, Breuer and other stars of the modernist period can be found in quality approaching that of the original.

If price is no object, there are even some authentic pieces still being produced. The Herman Miller Company, for instance, is still producing Eames chairs using the same hand-tooling techniques and quality materials. An Eames lounge chair, to take just one example, is an investment, but one you'll enjoy for decades.

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