Contemporary Sectional Sofas

Written by Sarah Provost
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Contemporary sectional sofas are fast becoming the most popular choice for shoppers furnishing or refurnishing their living rooms and dens. Even the most basic options allow for rearrangement and multiple uses and formations. Once you begin adding other elements, the possibilities multiply exponentially.

The basics of the most common styles of contemporary sectional sofas comprise three seating pieces, one with no arms and the other two with one arm each. You can put the two armed pieces together as a love seat and use the third section as a separate chair, or use all three pieces together for a standard-length sofa. This is an excellent choice for apartment dwellers and people who move frequently, since the pieces can be adapted so easily to varying spaces.

New Elements for Contemporary Sectional Sofas

The basic three-piece sectional can be configured in many new ways with the options now available. One of the most popular is a chaise section, an elongated seat for feet-up comfort. One or more sections might also be in the more traditional recliner style. Corner sections can make an arrangement more conducive to conversation, or be fitted with a tabletop surface.

With the advent of home theaters, contemporary sectional sofas have been adapted for this use. With reclining sections, snack table surfaces and drink holders, you can turn your living room or den into the ultimate viewing environment. With their adaptability and comfort, it's no wonder sectional sofas are taking over the furniture showroom.

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