Corner Tv Stands

Written by Sierra Rein
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Taking advantage of the corners of the room can be difficult, especially when attempting to set up an entertainment center. However, corner TV stands make the perfect solution for small rooms and small budgets. They are designed to fit into a corner as well as store a number of entertainment-related items, like DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, speakers, and gaming systems.

Many corner TV stands are fitted with casters for easy mobility. If one corner of the room becomes overused, the entire unit can be moved to another. They also allow for easy vacuuming and getting to those "hard to clean" areas of the rug.

Features Common in Corner TV Stands

In addition to the casters, most corner TV stands include shelves and drawers. Some shelves are covered with glass doors equipped with either magnetic or key locks. If you have younger children and a valuable collection of DVDs, you may want to invest in key locks to protect your investment from little hands. Corner stands can be made of iron, but wood is the most common material used.

Some corner TV stands contain swivel tables to allow up to 360° of adjustment. These can be incredibly useful if multiple viewing areas of the room are present. Some stands also have bolt-down capabilities as well as height adjustments to bring the TV set up to an elevated level.

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