Counter Height Dining Sets

Written by Sierra Rein
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Every restaurateur and club owner knows that one's seating arrangement can either make or break his or her business. Counter height dining sets are extremely versatile for any club or restaurant. On the other hand, these sets can be purchased for the home as well. Many people enjoy purchasing a counter height set for their own dining room or family room to add a casual "pub" feeling to their home.

It is important to choose counter height dining sets based on the available floor space as well as any available drinking or eating areas. Tall chairs should be placed around the edges of the bar and surrounding tall tables. However, they should never be placed near potentially dangerous areas, such as steps, fireplaces, or glass windows for fear the seated person should tip over by accident.

These modern dining sets come in a variety of different styles, materials, and colors. Wood, iron, and glass are the most popular building materials. Most counter height chairs are upholstered with comfortable padding and feature foot rests designed to relieve pressure on the thighs. The tables are specifically measured to match the height of the chairs and often feature butterfly extensions to lengthen or widen the total serving area.

Specialty Dining Sets Add an Extra Flair

If you are looking to create a unique touch to your entertainment or dining room, consider purchasing counter height swivel stools or lovely carved wooden tables with glass tops. Those who are yearning to add a "retro" style to their rooms can find replicated countertop chairs, especially those reminiscent of 1950s diners. Another idea is to add a wrought-iron counter height dining set to the front or back yard for a lovely French bistro feel.

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