Custom Log Furniture

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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When selecting furniture for a home or office, it is crucial to find exactly the right piece to fit the overall décor of the space along with the personality of the owners. In many situations, individuals shop for days, even months, on end, visiting countless stores and websites with no success--too small, too big, too short, too tall, too narrow or too wide. . just not right!

The solution to the problem of that elusive, perfect piece of furniture is to have it custom-made. There are woodworkers and designers who work closely with clients to determine exactly what their needs, tastes and wishes are and then develop custom-made pieces to the exact specifications, and most often delight, of the customer.

Nearly every piece of log furniture can be custom-made. Whether you are looking for a dining table and chair set to fit a small, oddly shaped dining room or a conference table to fill a huge conference room and seat 25 employees, custom-made log furniture is the way to go. In addition to being custom-made to fit your needs and desires, every piece of log furniture is also unique because of the natural knots and knobs in each log used for construction.

Custom-Made Log Beds

One piece of furniture that people are not often willing to compromise on is the bed. For many people, the bed serves as their escape from the world at the end of the day--their haven for peace and relaxation. Imagine retiring each night to your custom-made log dream bed designed especially for your wants and needs! Sweet dreams.

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