Custom Seats

Written by Liza Hartung
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Just when you think you will never find the kind of home theater seats you want in the exact color you want, up pop custom seats. Don't forget about this wonderful way to go when designing your theater. Remember, you are not limited to what you see in catalogues or listed online. You can design what you want if you cannot find it.

Custom Seats for PersonalizationYou may just want a specific style of seats in a color other than what they are shown in. Simple enough. You should be helped out with that quickly. However, maybe you want to do a little more customizing of your own. What about putting initials on each of the seats? Or, you can have each name of your family member put on the seats like would be done for a movie star. These are simple ways to jazz up your theater and make it stand out.

Just to warn you, you will probably have to spend a little more for custom seats. However, when you think about how long you plan to have your theater; it could very well be worth the extra money. Theater seats last for quite a long time. In the end, it would be less expensive to get the seats you really want now, then to get cheaper ones now and the ones you originally wanted later.

It's just plain fun to have custom seats. You know that no one else will have them quite like you do. Maybe you have a unique setup, fun, decorative fabric, monogrammed seats, or maybe they swivel. Whatever you come up with, you can find someone who can create it. Sit back and enjoy!

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