Decorating Your Home Theater

Written by Liza Hartung
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Decorating your home theater can be a blast. It is unlike decorating any other room. This room is meant to show movies that will transport you to another time and place. Movies are larger than life. Go ahead and make your home movie theater the same way. Be realistic about your budget, but decorate in a fashion that makes you happy.

Decorations for your home theater encompass everything from the carpets, wall color, seating choices, lighting design, furniture and posters on the wall. You can begin to show your personal style in the bigger choices, such as seats and walls, but it is in the details where your theater will really shine. Carpeting comes in so many styles and colors. You might want something that is easy to clean considering most people like to have snacks and beverages when watching a movie.

Decorating Your Home Theater is Fun

Once your theater is finished, that is, the seats are in, the walls are done, the sound and screen are set up, you can start to play. By play, I mean that you can start to add your personal touches. When decorating your home theater, try some framed movie posters to help with the feel of the room. In addition, to authenticate your theater, hand some poster marquees or cases. Your guests will feel like they are at a private showing on a movie lot.

You can also start to add such fun flairs as decorative wall sconces or cinema-themed nightlights. Maybe you will put lighting in the floor leading to the seats. If you like, you could add a popcorn popper cart to the room. Forego the microwave stuff for the real thing. When decorating your home theater, the sky is the limit.

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