Dining Sets

Written by Sierra Rein
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An official dining room set is not just your average collection of a chair and four, six or eight chairs. Dining sets also include buffet tables, hutches, china cabinets, and serving cabinets. To save money, some customers choose to purchase their particular dining set from one manufacturer. On the other hand, others may wish to create a more eclectic look by buying chairs, tables, and serving pieces from different sources.

Formal dining sets are typically made of dark, handcrafted wood and are usually more expensive than normal or informal sets. Wrought iron dining sets are handsome, but are more suited for outdoor dining due to their weight. Many dining tables are designed with extending butterfly sides to increase the serving and dining area.

Some dining sets are designed to add a unique and specifically informal touch to a room. For example, more than a few furniture manufacturers offer high-rise dining tables and chairs that are built with tall legs. These extremely fun dining sets are perfect for recreation rooms, coffee houses, and informal restaurants. However, special care should be taken when children are present; otherwise, there may be a danger of a child falling out of his or her dining chair.

The Best Way to Arrange Dining Sets

The table should be placed at the center of the room, and under the chandelier if one is present. A minimum of at least 18 inches should be placed around the table for traffic and serving room. The buffet table should be placed within easy reach of both the table and the kitchen room door. Never place a china cabinet directly above a dining chair, and avoid placing the entire set on an area rug unless the rug is large enough that the chairs can be taken in and out without pulling on the edge.

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