Diningroom Chairs

Written by Serena Berger
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Dining room chairs are typically elegant and refined. While some have arms, for the most part, traditional dining room chairs are armless. They do, however, generally have high backs, and their character is in the design of the seat and back.

The Variety of Dining Room Chairs

Some dining room chairs are relatively simple and versatile. They could also be used as kitchen chairs or as flexible seating if you are having a number of guests. These will commonly feature a flat seat, and a flat or slightly curved back with simply designed cross-pieces for support, with minimal embellishment.

Other dining room chairs are incredibly luxurious and ornate. These will often be found in a set with a table and other dining room furniture. Fancy fabrics may provide back and seat cushions, and the fine woods used to make these chairs will set them apart from others.

Some people like their dining room to be the most formal in the house. Others view it as a place for family to gather, including young children, who need comfortable seating that no one has to worry about. At either extreme or anywhere in between, you should be able to use to Internet to find dining room chairs to match your style.

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