Funky Chairs

Written by Charles Peacock
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Funky chairs have in recent years reached new levels of funkiness. If you thought design innovation stopped with the advent of the bean-bag chair, you haven't been paying attention to modern design. The last decade has brought a revolution in the style and construction of chairs.

Varieties of Funky Chairs

If you're looking for the right funky chairs, you'll first want to narrow down your options by deciding on a purpose for them. The best and coolest living room chairs won't always fit at your dining room table, and vice versa. Luckily designers have kept this in mind, and funky chairs are available for every possible application.

Many of the best modern chairs were invented decades ago, during the modern design revolution. They are typically characterized by a sleek, futuristic look devoid of accoutrements and printed patterns. Most of the classical modern chairs are rather bland-looking, though--so if you're going for something really funky, you'll want to look at the latest designs.

Newer chairs offer sleek modern design in a range of wild colors. The palettes designers are using these days seem almost limitless--to the extent that you can even buy funky chairs that change color while you're sitting on them. A great thing about this kind of chair is that they can turn the blandest room into a funky modern masterpiece.

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