Garden Accents

Written by Serena Berger
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Garden accents give you the opportunity to extend the expression of your personality and style even further into your garden. For some people, keeping a garden is just a weekend hobby, while for others it is a singular passion to which hours of research and work are devoted. Either way, it is something you can enjoy and share with friends, neighbors, and visitors--and carefully chosen garden accents can enhance the landscaping and design in beautiful and sometimes unexpected ways.

Garden Accents for All Sensibilities

Some gardeners want their home gardens to be simple and rustic. Their garden accents are likely to be functional or made of materials that are already found in the garden. Structures like arbors or obelisks made of latticed wicker or woods are perfect for climbing flowering vines or vegetables. You can add a little color, texture, and dimension to your garden while keeping everything natural.

For others, the garden is a romantic or fanciful sanctuary. A whimsical touch like a small statue of a bird or frog peeking out from under the leaves of a tree, or a birdbath or fountain with cool water gurgling peacefully away perfects the garden and makes it unique. You can find all sorts of statuary, from the tiniest pieces that you can hide in your garden to surprise you when spring rolls around to impressive stone, clay, or resin statues which become the focal point of your haven at home.

For still others, lighting is the ultimate garden accent. Some gardeners will lay a stone path through their gardens and place footlights along the sides of the path. Others will hang lovely Japanese lanterns, or leave Christmas lights up year round in a walled garden.

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