Glass Top Coffee Tables

Written by Sierra Rein
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Glass top coffee tables are great for small rooms. The glass creates a visual illusion of enlarged space because it seems to take up less area than solid wood or metal. They are best placed in the center of a living room or as the main eating area in a garden or backyard porch.

Glass coffee tables are found in a number of different styles, and are made with a variety of frame materials. The most popular and classic style of glass tables is in the French bistro style, which is recognizable by its wrought-iron frame and round glass top. However, there are also a number of popular wood frame glass top coffee tables, which can be purchased to match existing living room furniture, to be found as well.

Some glass-topped tables include areas beneath the main serving layer that may be used for storage. One can choose to place functional items (remotes, magazines, et cetera) here for easy retrieval. On the other hand, this area can also be used to accessorize the table itself; by placing pieces of art, flowers, photographs, or other beautiful items on it, that can then be viewed through the glass from above.

Safety Considerations for Glass Top Coffee Tables

If children are in the room, it is important to consider how the glass is fitted within the table itself. Glass top coffee tables made with the glass inset within the frame are safer than models made with the glass floating on top. It is also better to have glass that is thick and reinforced with a protective, shatterproof layer.

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