Gossip Benches

Written by Sierra Rein
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Gossip benches are classic examples of Victorian-era furniture. Made of wood and upholstered cushions, these benches were designed to give a man or woman an easy place to sit while "gossiping" on the phone. Since they offered comfortable seating places to people (and because multi-line phone systems and wireless cell phones were yet to be invented) gossip benches were considered important pieces of furniture of their time.

How Gossip Benches Function

The typical gossip bench includes a single or double cushioned seating area plus a small storage box built into one of the armrests. The phone is then placed upon the box and notepaper, phone books, pens, and address books are stored below. Some gossip benches even include space underneath the cushions for extra storage.

Indeed, the storage capacity of these benches is what makes them so unique. Traditional gossip benches can also have flip-top bench covers as well as pullout drawers in a variety of sizes. Most people put gossip benches in the hallway or living room to create a good, central place for anyone in the household to chat on the phone. They can also be seen in hotel lobbies and guest rooms, restaurants, and other fashionable public meeting areas.

Adding a gossip bench to a room is a good way to imbue a room with a classic, timeless quality. However, if the ornate Victorian look clashes with your current decor, you can also find gossip benches in modern styles. Some of these benches can even be found in tropical or even eclectic designs to add a touch of weathered history to a hallway or living room.

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