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Hand Crafted Furniture

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Looking for Originality

Hand crafted furniture claims may appear on all the information tags in traditional furniture stores. When I think of hand-crafted I also assume a level of uniqueness about each individual piece. When you consider thirty people can walk into a furniture store and order the exact same coffee and sofa table set, originality gets taken out of the equation.

When nothing but unique will do, authentic hand crafted furniture is the optimum solution. By hand crafted I mean someone actually selects the trees from which your furniture will be made. The steps that follow involve intensive labor and heart-felt efforts to complete the table set.

The Effort Behind Hand Crafted Furniture

When the product is finished you have an original set, unlike any other tables around. Each is constructed from perfect pieces of wood and painstaking detail. When you can look at your table and appreciate it for the amount of work involved, you know your money was well spent.

Traditional furniture stores offer lovely pieces. Each is made in a conveyor-belt style and thousands of identical tables are being sold at stores around the world. These may be ideal for some, but for others looking to be different, nothing but authentic will do.

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