Home Cinema Seating

Written by Liza Hartung
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What you decide to do with your home cinema seating is possibly the most important choice you will make regarding your home theater. Yes, the screen size and picture quality are important. Yes, you best have good sound. Yes, it should be soundproof and dark. However, all this will not matter if you or your guests cannot get comfortable.

The thing that distracts people most from what they are doing is not being able to get comfortable. How many of us, no matter how tired we are, cannot fall asleep if we are not comfortable? I know I can't. If I cannot fall asleep when I am completely exhausted because of my lack of comfort, how am I going to enjoy a movie? Home cinema seating is so essential to the success of your home theater.

Now, you have many choices when it comes to home cinema seating. Don't think you have to go out and get the most expensive seats because they will be the most comfortable. You do not have to do that. Just find something where most people can find comfort. You do not need big, plush leather seats that recline and could seat two if needed. However, if you think you can manage that kind of seat, by all means, go ahead.

Research Home Cinema Seating

Start looking around at seats. Look online. Ask around. I suggest going to different movie theaters and testing out seats. None will have the big leather loungers, so you will have to test those another way. People generally feel most comfortable in a seat that supports their back, legs, neck and head. Armrests are useful as well. In order to avoid bending down every time you want to grab your soda, make sure you get cup holders in the armrests.

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