Home Popcorn Poppers

Written by Liza Hartung
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Home popcorn poppers are a great addition to your home movie theater. Even if you never want to use it, just the sight alone of a popper is enough to bring the movie watching experience to new heights. However, I do suggest using it because it's fun. Not many people have home popcorn poppers, and you could be among the select few.

I have no idea how long popcorn and movies have practically been synonymous. I know it has been that way long before I was born. Popcorn is a perfect movie food. It isn't messy. You can carry it in a bag. You can put in on the floor when you want a break or when you finish. You can share easily with others. Mainly, however, you can eat this food without taking your eyes from the screen. Not a lot of foods can claim all that.

Ever wonder why nachos, pizza and hot dogs are not as popular as popcorn? It's because of that last fact previously stated. If you have a home theater, I suggest looking into home popcorn poppers. Microwave popcorn is not the same. If you have invested in a home theater, you might as well make the popcorn match the place. Microwave popcorn is for a small TV in your living room. Popcorn from a popper is for your theater.

You Deserve Home Popcorn Poppers

Think about this: why would you want to take away from your beautiful home theater and bring in microwave popcorn? No, add to the experience with popcorn popped in your popper. Your friends will love it. Your kids, if you have them, will think you are so cool. It is not only decoration for your home theater; it is the way of the movies.

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