Home Theater Furniture

Written by Liza Hartung
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In order to make the most of your home theater, you will need home theater furniture. This can include seats, loungers, tray tables, couches and the like. When it comes to decorating your theater, the choices are yours. Do you want everyone to drape over various couches, or would you rather have them sitting in comfortable chairs?

Personally, I would pick chairs or loungers for my home theater furniture. Sure, it's great to lounge on a couch and watch a movie, but for the real movie experience, you want to create a setting like the movies. We go to the movies because we like the experience. We like getting our popcorn and soda. We like the dark theater, the seats, the sound, the big screen. If these things did not draw us, we would just rent movies. It's cheaper.

Home Theater Furniture for Your Design

Aside from just seats, you are going to need many other pieces of furniture for your home theater. What kind of carpeting would you like? Something that is soft and fluffy, or easy to sweep up? You are going to need a TV stand, unless you have a screen for film on your wall.

Do not forget about shelving to hold your movies. For surround sound, you'll need stands for your speakers, or a way to hang them. I think throw pillows are a great idea. Obviously, you'll have some great seating, but what do you do if you have over a few extra people? Large throw pillows are a great solution for this. However you decide to decorate, home theater furniture is necessary.

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